I have a habit of supporting the underdog. Every year I pick some non-profits to donate to financially: because even though this world is full of sellfish stupid and lazy morons, there are some good people out there. Unselfish and awesome people who do good not only for themselves but for many others too.

In recent times it’s been Linux Mint and the EFF. Today it was Adam Skelly, of Adamson BBQ. He’s done what I either couldn’t or wouldn’t. He stood up to the bullshit in a public and far-reaching way.

I felt I did my part back in march when I kept my kids in programs and helped the people running them continue to put food on the table. I kept shopping in stores. I even started going to restaurants when most people woulnd’t go near anything “chinese”. I don’t even like restaurants.

But for a few months I’ve just been stewing in my home, because I can no longer do those things. The only way to support a business is by wearing a mask, which is as good as saying “I agree this whole manufactured bullshit situation is a good idea”. So I don’t. And I am angry at myself that I’m not figting back against what is so clearly wrong.

So I was happy to hear about what Adam Skelly has done, and I contributed to his legal defence fund. And I will again if it turns out he needs more money.