I’ve had a lot of time to think since the mass hysteria which started in 2020. A lot of time. I like thinking and challenging my ideas. And now, more than 3 years later I’m starting to believe that I found the answer to everything which has to do with peple. In three years I haven’t come up with any flaw in this theory.

The vast majority of people are stupid, lazy, and selfish. (I consder stupidity and ignorance to be very different things. One can be ignorant, but willing to learn. That does not make one stupid.)

Pretty much any problem which involves people can be explained by that. Corona virus hysteria? Check. Fringe minority of white supremacist racist nazi uncanadian canadian bigots at the trucker protest in Ottawa? Check. American president of the season? Check. Weapons of mass distruction? Check. Worldwide recession caused by bankers followed by no bankers being punished? Check. Fantastic online “learning” and “work” from home? Check.

And not just the big lies, but most small annoyances too. A child’s school making the parent agree to a document which says that their child is responsible for making sure that other children don’t break that agreement? Check. Parroting any of the latest news of any scale without considering that it’s either a direct lie or is presented in the completely wrong context? Check. Plumber charging you 300$ just to come see what the problem might be? Check. Car salesman insisting that the MSRP is the same as the dealer’s price? Check. I could write a book of examples, there is literally an infinite number of them.

When you analyze any problem that annoys you: consider that most of the people involved (including the service/goods providers, the middlemen, the legislators, the customers, your peers, your competitiors, etc.) are simply stupid, lazy, and selfish. That explains everything.

Even very intelligent people who have their eyes and minds open debate endlessly about what organizations (known or secret) and what hidden hands drive all the agendas we are governed by. They are missing the fundamental problem. The fundamental problem is that the people who are so called “fooled” by those agendas are the reason those agendas can ever be successful.

How can an intelligent person witness over and over for their entire life that politicians lie, and then go vote for “this one’s different”? Oh it’s the best of the lot presented on a platter? Or at least most of the lies seem to be in right direction? Stupid, lazy, and selfish.

What intelligent parent is going to tolerate their child being told by an authority that they were born with the wrong sex? Oh they see the problem and they don’t like it, but they can’t do anything about it? Or they’re afraid their herd might cast them out? Stupid, lazy, and selfish.

Why would a parent with a working brain spend a massive amount of borrowed money to purchase a rubber-stamped piece of paper from a college or university but fail to insist that their child actually learns something? Oh they don’t have what it takes to educate their own children? Oh they’re busy? Stupid, lazy, and selfish.

Does it make any sense for someone with half a brain to consistently feed themselves processed junk food instead of paying more for better groceries while saving money by cooking them? It’s expensive and difficult? Not compared to dealing with an unhealthy body for the rest of your life! Oh the health care system is going to help? Stupid, lazy, and selfish.

Ok I admit: I am teaching my children to be selfish. Because they will have to live for a long time surrounded by selfish drones. But I’ll be damned if I’ll allow my children to grow up either stupid or lazy. They are going to be smart, tough, and hard working. I won’t allow schools to turn them into whiny losers either. I’ll quit my job and move to the middle of nowhere for the next ten years if I have to.

And that philosophy of mine works. It produces results. I don’t know everything but that doesn’t bother me because I know how to learn. I never cower in fear, and the stresses I’m dealing with are much easier on me than the stresses on a feeble slave. I’m hard working but it turns out that it takes only a little bit of hard work to compete with the average NPC. I do what I want and I’m proud of it. My kids are going to turn out even better than me.

What’s “the solution” to this problem of the masses? Sadly I will need much more time to figure it out. There may not be a solution. Perhaps my kind of people will always have to deal with the retards the same way we deal with the seasonal colds. Ignore them and do what you can when you can. No better system has been tried in the past. Of course there’s the possibility that all the morons will just end up killing or sterilizing themselves. In which case I hope that my children don’t get swept away accidentally. For now:

Must be smart, tough, and hard working. That’s the recipe for success no matter what one’s ambitions are.