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10 September 2023
Stupid, lazy, and selfish

I’ve had a lot of time to think since the mass hysteria which started in 2020. A lot of time. I like thinking and challenging my ideas. And now, more than 3 years later I’m starting to believe that I found the answer to everything which has to do with peple. In three years I … Read more

13 July 2023
1985 – 2022

Not my work, but it’s too great to lose, so I’ll save it here: Read more

18 January 2023
Free course: Introduction to AWS

Having looked at the AWS Academy introduction courses multiple times: I decided that they are completely useless as a learning tool. I don’t like that they read like a commercial, and they make the bizarre assumption that Linux experience is not a prerequisite. I decided to build my own Introduction to AWS course and I … Read more

Who is Andrew Smith?

And what's a solutions engineer? My goal in life is to design and develop solutions for people - to make them less frustrated, to give them better tools, to let them concentrate on more important things.

I'm an engineer specializing in Linux and open source software: I use it as a platform to create desktop, server, and embedded device applications, libraries, and services.

If you have a question about my work - by all means contact me, I'll be happy to talk to you about it.

Around the USA in 90 days

90 day RV trip around the perimiter of the USA. Read more

DSA Animations

Data Structures and Algorithms animations made by my students using HTML5 and Processing.js. Read more