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18 January 2023
Free course: Introduction to AWS

Having looked at the AWS Academy introduction courses multiple times: I decided that they are completely useless as a learning tool. I don’t like that they read like a commercial, and they make the bizarre assumption that Linux experience is not a prerequisite. I decided to build my own Introduction to AWS course and I … Read more

28 November 2020
Support this guy

I have a habit of supporting the underdog. Every year I pick some non-profits to donate to financially: because even though this world is full of sellfish stupid and lazy morons, there are some good people out there. Unselfish and awesome people who do good not only for themselves but for many others too. In … Read more

12 July 2020
Set up your own Linux Mint mirror for lightning-fast downloads

For a very long time I’ve been a Slackware user. I still happily run Slackware on my servers, but I moved to Linux Mint for all my workstations. One of the things that always pissed me off about non-Slackware distributions is the amount of time it takes to install new software. Sure in Slackware I … Read more

Who is Andrew Smith?

And what's a solutions engineer? My goal in life is to design and develop solutions for people - to make them less frustrated, to give them better tools, to let them concentrate on more important things.

I'm an engineer specializing in Linux and open source software: I use it as a platform to create desktop, server, and embedded device applications, libraries, and services.

If you have a question about my work - by all means contact me, I'll be happy to talk to you about it.

Around the USA in 90 days

90 day RV trip around the perimiter of the USA. Read more

2016 - Hudson's Bay

Hudson's bay - farthest north you can ride in eastern Canada. Read more