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17 March 2017
Markdown is readable? Yeah, and my prose is gold.

Too many people I know have been telling me in the last few years how wonderful and beautiful markdown is. I never believed them, because I have quite a bit of experience with wiki markup, whose proponents have been saying exactly the same things about wiki markup for several years prior to markdown’s release. Just … Read more

23 February 2017
DYI cheap stand-up desk

Standing in front of my new stand-up desk I’m experiencing an unexpected sense of freedom. I wanted to try a stand-up desk for years. Several people I know recommended them but the problem is: my desk is huge, it’s well organized, and I didn’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on something I … Read more

9 February 2017
New service for pissing me off – BitNinja

I did something terrible, something no sysadmin in their right mind should do to a  server. I ran nmap. Once. And I got myself on some kind of blacklist, essentially into a hosts.deny I could no longer access the website I was working with. Requests would time out, with occasionally a half-loaded page which I … Read more

Who is Andrew Smith?

And what's a solutions engineer? My goal in life is to design and develop solutions for people - to make them less frustrated, to give them better tools, to let them concentrate on more important things.

I'm an engineer specializing in Linux and open source software: I use it as a platform to create desktop, server, and embedded device applications, libraries, and services.

If you have a question about my work - by all means contact me, I'll be happy to talk to you about it.

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Hudson's bay - farthest north you can ride in eastern Canada. Read more

2008 - Toronto-Ottawa Bike

Four day bicycle trip from Toronto to Ottawa. Read more