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16 April 2014
FSOSS 2013 Robots Competition

Took me a half a year to finish this video. It’s my first exercise in video editing. Enjoy! It took me this long because: The only program I had any idea how to use was Windows Movie Maker. But I didn’t want to use it for several reasons that should be obvious to you. My […] Read more

28 March 2014
Ridiculous PayPass/PayWave

Both of my credit cards have been replaced (without any request from me) with new versions which have a wireless, authentication-less, confirmation-less, and protection-less systems called either Mastercard PayPass or Visa PayWave. I’ve never understood the old american system where your card number alone can be used to take money from you. Yes – it […] Read more

28 March 2014
[Gas station] Almost ran out of gas

Yep, this guys was actually getting gas at a Petro Canada at the highway 400 rest stop near Parry Sound. See the little man on top? He pulled the hose all the way up there to fill it up. Not sure which of the two – truck or station – ran out of gas :) Read more

Who is Andrew Smith?

And what's a solutions engineer? My goal in life is to design and develop solutions for people - to make them less frustrated, to give them better tools, to let them concentrate on more important things.

I'm an engineer specializing in Linux and open source software: I use it as a platform to create desktop, server, and embedded device applications, libraries, and services.

If you have a question about my work - by all means contact me, I'll be happy to talk to you about it.

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The first part of our trip following the Bruce trail from end to end. Read more

ISO Master

Graphical ISO image editor for Linux/BSD. Read more