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1 December 2016
Social media dinosaurs

That’s me. To date this blog has been the complete extent of my presence on anything resembling social media. I don’t even send text messages because I think they’re dumb. But I’m starting a new blog (very soon, hopefully next week) which I want to be noticed. And I figured the only way it will … Read more

1 December 2016 is big again is now in its fourth incarnation! It started as a massive old PII, which I eventually replaced with a tiny Koolu for 400$. I was excited about that because the new server used less than 10W of power, had no fans, but did everything I wanted. Later I upgraded that to an Intel Atom … Read more

18 November 2016
Can we stop with the benevolent bullshit please?

There are licence agreements, disclaimers, waivers, and other such crap that exists because there are lawyers, who later become judges. I get that and I don’t know of a solution for it, that’s not what this post is about. It’s about this, which I just received in the mail from Enbridge (from a flyer about … Read more

Who is Andrew Smith?

And what's a solutions engineer? My goal in life is to design and develop solutions for people - to make them less frustrated, to give them better tools, to let them concentrate on more important things.

I'm an engineer specializing in Linux and open source software: I use it as a platform to create desktop, server, and embedded device applications, libraries, and services.

If you have a question about my work - by all means contact me, I'll be happy to talk to you about it.

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Hudson's bay - farthest north you can ride in eastern Canada. Read more

Animated PNG

Specification and implementation of APNG. Currently maintained by Max Stepin. Read more