Having looked at the AWS Academy introduction courses multiple times: I decided that they are completely useless as a learning tool. I don’t like that they read like a commercial, and they make the bizarre assumption that Linux experience is not a prerequisite.

I decided to build my own Introduction to AWS course and I did. Here it is. The weekly schedule has links to all the materials and videos which you might call “Lectures”.

All you need is there, except access to an AWS Academy Learner Lab. You do need an AWS account. So if you have one and are willing to pay for the resources you’ll use: you don’t need anything else.

After about the middle of the course you’ll need access to a system I built to function as a free registrar (Bindistrar). Just contact me and I’ll make you an account.

Obviously I do not have the ability to rubber-stamp any diplomas or certificates for you, but if you just want to learn: I believe this course is a great resource.

I do assume some basic Linux knowledge. If you’re not completely lost when presented with a bash shell: your background might be good enough.

I am currently working on another course where I teach basics of Linux server administration. You can follow the progress here. That course is intended to be taken before this one, but it won’t be finished until 2-3 months from now.

Feel free to send me any questions any time.