Finally a couple of days ago the import of all the translated strings from most of the software in Debian into OSTD has been completed.

Now there is a grand total of 11236263 translated strings!

It took 1059647 seconds, which is just over 12 days. That’s 0.094 seconds per translation. I’m sure it could be sped up a lot in the future if I had a real need for to do that.

Neither my PHP import script nor MySQL crashed during the process, which is pretty cool. Also looks like I had enough memory for all this stuff, I don’t think MySQL was swapping a significant amount of data at any time.

I will probably have to do another pass through the po files from Debian to establish an NtoN relationship between the translated strings and the software they are used in, but what I have already is a great start.

Soon I’ll finish up some little things and will be announcing the project to the world.