I was always a fan of version control, even for binaries like word file for homework. This helps keep a history of stuff that may get deleted or changed, and helps a lot for working using multiple computers.

But I’ve never version controlled a website. Mostly because I never had one I was doing serious development on. In fact several of my websites were made using the Seamonkey editor once, uploaded to the server, and never touched again.

This project is different though, there will be a lot of serious code in it. Why not version control it? I decided to do it.

I had a Subversion repository for the project already, and in there I created a subdirectory for the stuff that will go on the server. On the server I checked out that subdirectory into the root of the webserver, as ‘ostd’. Then I added and committed all the php and css and images. Done!

Now I just have to remember to do commits when I’m done working on a feature or will be away from the project for a few days.