OSTD, the Open Source Translation Database – that’s the best I could come up with. The name and the acronym has to be unique enough that I can get to the top of search engine results relatively easily. But there’s so much more to the name.

At first I wanted to get the website a proper domain name, but then I counted how much it would cost and that discouraged me. Between the registration, the dynamic DNS, and the SSL keys I would have to spend over 100 dollars a year on it, which I’m not willing to shell out.

The name has to be memorable and guessable. What would people search for if they wanted a service like mine? If they found it once, would they remember what it was called?

It can’t sound geeky. I have a personal problem with 1337.

It shouldn’t sound too stupid either.

There shouldn’t be conflicts with things like sexually transmitted diseases. Frankly I have no idea why ostd.org exists, my best guess is that std.org was not available. But ostd is different enough from std, so I let that fly for now.

But hey – if you have a better name idea – please share, I’m quite open to changing it at this early stage.