Interesting. Last week I was saying how I have to force myself to do more work than required, this week I have the opposite worry :)

We got a lab last week that was really hard. I quickly realised that during the lab and tried my best to finish it without distractions, but didn’t manage to. It was just too much stuff, needing way more time than the two hours.

It took me an extra couple of days of hard work to get everything done. It’s still done on time (due next week) but much later than my labs normally are.

As I was sweating through this work I was also wondering about how hard this is. It’s hard. It’s very hard. But is it too hard? Is it unreasonably hard? What’s the problem really?

It felt more like an assignment than a lab, but even though the problem was made up – pretty much all the work I had to do to finish the lab resulted in good learning.

I’ve decided there is no problem. I’m in this course to learn, and even if I were a good grade chaser the little bit of grade associated with a lab wouldn’t do much for me. The real point of the labs is to make sure I learn as much as possible, as soon as possible, hands-on.

I’m glad this lab was so hard for the same reason I took this course in the first place. I want to learn Android programming, and for that to happen I need to spend time (as much time as possible) learning it. In the end it’s really as simple as that!

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