I’m taking DPS924, an Android programming course here at Seneca. I’m officially registered in it as a student, and even paid 20$ for it (I get a special deal as a faculty member :)).

Why on earth would I be doing that? Because though I’m more familiar with Android internals than most – I have very little experience writing Android applications. I’ve worked a lot on the Android build system, the linux side of Android, and even the Android java framework, but have done little more than a hello world app at the application layer.

I want to learn it so I can write a handy app when I need one. And it’s not going to happen unless I have no choice, there are too many other things to do that always seem to be more important. Hence the official registration into the course. I hope that the professor will treat me no different than other students, and will grade my work appropriately. I will in turn act the same way as I did when I was a student, which may or may not be a good thing for the prof :)

I was very excited to learn that I get a student number (my old one! I can even access Siris and see my old BSD grades!) and my old student account (including email). This will help me a lot in accomplishing ony of my goals: experience Seneca as a student, know first-hand what problems students run into and what solutions exist for those problems. And it’s pretty damn cool too :)

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