I post something on this blog occasionally about APNG and about how I’m no longer involved with it and about how this guy Max Stepin has been driving it for years.

The last thing I mentioned on the topic was him adding APNG support to Chromium, which was very cool.

Now he’s planning to create even more APNG awesomeness and he’s looking for help via this APNG Kickstarter campaign. I won’t relist everything he’s planning to do here, just go and have a look at the kickstarter page.

There are still 2 weeks left to go and he already achieved his modest goal. But he does meniton that there are stretch goals he can take on if more funding is available.

I’m really happy for Max, he deserves to be paid a little to do more of the open source work he’s been doing so much of for years, good for him!