For quite a few years I resisted the temptation of setting up a wireless network at home. Story after story suggested that WiFi is a crappy, unstable, and awfully insecure set of technologies. Finally though things seemed to have settled down, and with WPA2 the wardriving stories ended.

So a couple of years ago I went against my instinct and embraced the convenience of wireless networks. I thought I had secure setups, using WPA2 only, but recently I found out this is not enough.

I switched away from that lame ISP called Rogers to ElectronicBox (a DSL provider), and I returned the wireless router to Rogers. To replace it I bought a new router and set up a new network with the same SSID and password.

What a shock I got when every WiFi device in the house with the exception of my Slackware laptop happily connected to the new hotspot! That basically means that if someone else set up a wireless router with the same SSID – all my devices would happily send my password to that hotspot. Yay! Even if the password is hashed – that is some scary shit.

Now I have to spend hours reading about Wireless security again, and require PSKes or something to avoid such nonsense. Piece of shit stupid crappy garbage technology..