I worked for a year or so to enable Animated PNG images to work in Firefox. Support for this feature will ship with Firefox 3. But that’s old news.

Today I learned that APNG support has been added to Opera. It’s not surprising that I didn’t know about it, there’s no reason why they should have told me. But the news got me thinking: if Mozilla supports APNG, and Opera does, then maybe Safari will follow and then maybe so will Internet Explorer.

However nice it is to have started this (potential) snowball, if it happens and the animated ads change from GIF to PNG… it will all be my fault! I won’t usually see them cause I have animations disabled in my browser, but I can imagine feeling terrible whenever I overhear someone complaining about how annoying, distracting and pointless animated advertising is on the web.

Oh well, I’m sure one of any of the people responsible for creating a monster came up with an excuse that would work for me, and though I don’t know the excuse I feel better knowing that it exists… or maybe I’m just telling myself that.

What have I done…