I was always uneasy about publishing my software on any proprietary platform, especially Google Play.

When you do that – you give up all control over the distribution of your application. Not only is it required to be proprietary (you can’t open-source your Google signing key) but the publisher can choose to take down your app at any time for any reason.

Which happened to me at some point in the last couple of years.

My app (Everyone’s Timetable) has been removed from Google Play. I don’t know when, I don’t know why. The Google Play Developer Console says the app has been removed for not following the developer agreement and that there are details in my email.

There are no details in my email, and I have no clue what happened. Your guess is as good as mine. And to be honest I don’t even care why they removed it. I don’t want it on there anyway.

I could maybe republish it, but it’s a long and complex process which isn’t guaranteed to work since the app is sort of still there and I don’t know what the problem was in the first place. I don’t have the time or patience to stroke Google’s dick to make it happy.

If I had cycles to spare I would put the app on F-Droid, but I don’t even have the build environment to rebuild that app. Maybe one day I’ll do it just to see what it’s like.