My son likes tools. I hope that he keeps getting better at using them and he’ll know more by the time he’s 12 than I do now. To get him started I needed a real workbench for him, which is his own. I’ve been planning this for a while, and finally got it done. Here it is:

nikita-workbench-smallIt’s made almost 100% from leftovers. Legs from a table cut shoter and painted. 3/4″ g1s pine plywood and pine trim from another project, leftoever 1/2″ pegboard pieces, and random old tools from me and grandpa. The only new thing is the vice.

Except for the legs and the pegboard the entire thing is held together with biscuits. It’s my first attempt at using the biscuit joiner and I’m pretty impressed with the results, even though I screwed up one edge by cutting on the wrong side of the corner :)