for L in `cat lang.txt | cut -f 2,3,4,5 -d' ' | sed 's/^.//' | sed 's/.$//' | sort`; do echo -n "$L "; done

More disgusting:

cat lang.txt | sort | awk '{ a=substr($2$3, 2); sub(")$", "", a); print "    \""$1"\", \""a"\", \"The <a href=\x27http://littlesvr.ca/ostd/\x27>OSTD</a>\"," ; }'

It reminds me of when I had to learn perl and all of it looked like this.

I did need the code, and it was throw-away, a one-time (actually two-time) fix for a problem I’ll never encounter again. So why am I ashamed I wrote it? Because I sort of enjoyed it. I never liked people who traded readability for quickness and a low number of lines-of-code, and I hope I won’t become one :)