Took me a half a year to finish this video. It’s my first exercise in video editing. Enjoy!

It took me this long because:

  • The only program I had any idea how to use was Windows Movie Maker. But I didn’t want to use it for several reasons that should be obvious to you.
  • My wife edits video all the time but she uses a mac. iMovie works for her but I have no desire to become a mac user.
  • I didn’t really want to learn Adobe Premiere or the like because that kind of software costs too much money.
  • Linux is.. as interesting when it comes to video editing as it is in many other ways.

I’ve decided to invest the time into learning Cinelerra. It’s the most serious video editing tool on Linux, has been around for a while, and has a paid supported version which means it’s more likely to survive for a while still.

It was a large investment in time, editing video is very different from any other kind of editing, but hopefully it will pay off longterm.