I’ve gone on my honeymoon to Peru a couple of weeks ago and now that I’m back I’m going through my email.

I have a spam filter but sometimes things go through it, especially if it’s something unusual.

I’ve already deleted 4 spam messages, every single one of them in Spanish. I don’t even remember the last time I had a spanish spam message. And spanish is what they speak in Peru.

This is an email address I only share with other people, I don’t use for any services. Which means something but not very much, given that most of the people I communicate with do use services like Gmail and others.

So how do the spammers know I went to Peru? I only logged in to my email once (to cancel a credit card) using a hotel computer and https. Could it be that they had a keylogger installed and my email got into their database that quickly?

Perhaps, but that looked like a pretty clean machine. I fear more likely it is that the spammers have as much data about us as Google and their algorithms and resources are likely comparable to the greatest data miners in the world. They will know what we’re doing before our friends do. Ouch!