As part of an exercise in a course I was taking I was required (or at least strongly encouraged) to create a Twitter account and learn to use it. I figured why not, might as well see what it’s about, maybe there’s something I’m missing. After a few days I decided I wasn’t missing anything and stopped using it.

Then I get an email from Twitter saying something like “Hey, you haven’t been using Twitter enough, come use it more, it’s great!”. Oh I don’t like being talked down to, especially by a stupid algorithm from a stupid service. So I went back and made sure I clicked the “don’t ever bother me again” checkboxes. Annoying, but what are you going to do, most users are idiots and unfortunately crap like this actually works.

A few days later – I get another email, almost identical to the first. Now I’m pissed. Now it’s doing things I explicitly asked it not to do, and that’s supposed to attract me? Pfft.

Now my twitter account is going the same way my Facebook account went – deleted. I don’t even see a reason to ever try it again.