SVG has been a nightmare over the last decade. It used to be that every implementation is different, no one software created files compatible with any other software. These days the situation is a lot better, but I’m still suspicious of SVG.

But I’m thinking of using it for a Processing.js project, so how do I test what software will create SVG files that will display in a Processing.js sketch? I build a tester of course. You put in your SVG file and it will do its best to render it into a Processing.js sketch. Then you can compare that with what you expected to see.

You can try it yourself here.

I may pull it down though, I’m concerned that it will allow people to upload random files to my server, sort of like the APNG assembler… that’s going on my todo list.

What I found so far: SVG files created in Inkscape don’t show well at all. SVG 1.1 files exported from Illustrator CS5.1 seem to work perfectly, though I haven’t tried anything too advanced.