Grumble grumble, me back to NFS from SSHFS (previous post). Turns out that:

  1. root has no permissions to do anything on the SSH mount, which sort of makes sense but I wonder if it’s security through obscurity. Regardless – I need root to be able to do stuff in there like “make install”.
  2. For some weird reason I can’t execute anything off the SSH mount, which I learned when I tried to (as the correct user) run a simple shell script I run every month.

At first I thought I probably just need to do some googling and figure it out, but that didn’t help. Some of the more interesting “explanations” for like behaviour are “this isn’t a real filesystem”, and bullshit like that turns me off technologies. If it was intended to be used as a toy – great work, it was fun, but I have to user my filesystem now, thank you very much.

So much potential though.. maybe I’ll try again in a few years.