A long long time ago I decided to do an experiment. I ported my open source application ISO Master to Windows, and kept the port as proprietary software.

The experiment paid off, and I definitely made enough money to pay myself for the porting work, but that was then.

In december last year my webserver uploaded 12GB worth of the shareware windows version of ISO Master, typical month. The sales have been slumping off year over year, and last month they were under 20$.

Now that I have my new project (OSTD) which I’m excited about, and I’m going to need bandwidth for – I am looking for ways to save computer resources, and one of those precious resources is bandwidth.

Should I keep the demo version online? Money isn’t really an issue, these days I make peanuts from it. But I have an archivist mindset, I hate removing stuff from the internet, especially if that stuff works. So I am leery of just removing that file.

Also there are links to the Windows version on all sorts of websites, including for example this and this. Knowing that I get so much traffic via those websites helps me feel more proud of my accomplishments, and beeing a negative kind of guy that’s definitely important.

Perhaps when the OSTD is ready for release I will run a suite of performance tests and decide whether the bandwidth the windows users are sucking up is one of the problems I need to address.