just finished my master’s so I’m allowed to quote Wikipedia again :)

In 2008 WorldDMB adopted APNG as a backward compatible extension to enable animation as part of the MOT SlideShow user application for Digital Radio. “APNG 1.0 Specification – Animated Portable Network Graphics” is included as normative Annex A in the ETSI standard TS 101 499 V2.2.1 (2008-07). In 2010 Commercial Radio Broadcasters in Sydney began to include APNG animations in DAB+ digital radio broadcasts. These APNG animations are carried by the “MOT slideshow” application which accompanies the audio services. It is expected that other cities in Australia will follow in early 2011.

That’s noteworthy because as far as I know they are the first real users of APNG. Mozilla has been using it for a long time and there are several decent applications that work with APNGs, but there has not to date been a solid creator of Animated PNGs.

I don’t know what a DAB+ digital radio broadcast is (and I don’t really care), but this is really cool!