Whomever didn’t know that already? But knowing a fact without understanding the causes or implications can be pretty useless. So here is a summary of my wonderings of the last couple of weeks. For me to remember and you to enjoy.

All of this year I’ve persistently worked on one thing and have signed up to another. As a result I was able to take some risks, not needing to worry about what I’ll be doing in the next two years of my life.

I’ve decided this Mr Nice Guy thing isn’t working, cracked some heads, and got what I wanted. And that got me thinking – what was the point of being nice to begin with?

Shyness is a curse, and I’ll get into that some other time, but I want to say here that the curse of shyness doesn’t compel one to be nice. In fact the pain caused by being shy can just as well be channeled into being evil.

So I took the opposite of what I am as a potential goal, and tried to define it. What is evil, fndamentally? I couldn’t come up with an answer. I talked to a smart guy who studied the topic in some detail, and he suggested everyone is evil, which I thought about and decided noone is evil. Evil is not a fundamental characteristic of a person, it’s just a poor means to describe something else.

So if I don’t want to be nice, and there is no such thing as evil, what options do I have? For now – it’s still a mystery. But the few social norms I was still abiding by flew out the window recently, so if you didn’t like me before – beware, I just got worse.