I’ve been putting this off too long. Now is the time for me to go over the official requirements for the dissertation in detail, and make notes of anything that wasn’t already obvious.

The main aim of the final project and dissertation is for a student to develop and demonstrate autonomy in the management and development of realistic projects in the specific chosen program, which may have either a research or application orientation.

That’s very nice, though I have to confirm that the application orientation is not considered less good by default.

There are several suggestions that I use my employer as a sponsor, and have the project related to that. I wonder what will happen if I no longer work for the same employer after X% of the time has elapsed. Start over?

It says I choose the project during the 2-month-long research methods course. Waiting so long seems rather risky. And it means 2 months less to do the real work. I will not use this an excuse to slack off.

It also says I have to pick a subject area in week 2, and a DA in week 4 – so I better already know what I want to do before week 2.

There’s a textbook I need to get for that course.

All documents concerned with the progress of the dissertation during the dissertation process (proposals, monthly reports, specifications, and design) are internal documents submitted to the University for Assessment. They should thus be regarded as coursework assignments which belong to the UoL/Laureate rather than to the student. In particular, the dissertation is an internal document until after final assessment, at which point it becomes public. However, permission from the university is still required should you want to publish it or make other public use of it (contact your Student Support Manager).

My research is supposed to be locked up while I’m working on it? And still doesn’t belong to me after I’m done? I definitely need to clarify what this means.

Will send an email with these questions to my SSM tomorrow.