Call for participants!

25 September 2010: The experiments have been completed. Thanks to everyone for participating! I will now resume blogging, as soon as I recover my energy 🙂

I am looking for participants for a study in my Master’s project. The goal of the project is to determine what advantages and disadvantages three types of code review tools have.

As a participant you would spend about an hour doing 3 code reviews (20 minutes each):

  • One on paper, just like marking in the good old days.
  • One using ReviewBoard, a popular code review tool.
  • One using a Tablet PC, with custom-built software.

No code review or marking experience is required, all that you need is to be familiar with either C or Java.

An immediate benefit for you is that you will get a 10$ gift card for Tim Horton’s. Another one is that you will get to play with a Tablet PC.

More long term benefits include some experience with code review (you bet employers care about that) and participation in a post-graduate Computer Studies / Information Technology study (you never know when you’ll decide to continue your studies).

You need to be in the Greater Toronto Area (loosely defined as 50km around downtown Toronto).

Please get in touch!

I’ll be posting these two fliers around UofT and Seneca: Seneca Recruitment Flier and UofT Recruitment Flier.