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About the OSTD

Who runs the OSTD?

Right now it's just me, Andrew Smith. I am hoping to set up partnerships with lots of open source communities so that the service will help even more people.

How much stuff is on here?

The latest count (updated hourly) is 224 registered users who uploaded a total of 11285706 translated strings in 175 languages!

Almost all of the strings have been imported from po files from packages in Debian, thanks to Christian Perrier from debian-i18n for helping me get a hold of all those files.

Is it free?

Completely, in fact I don't think it's possible to make money with a system like this, but was happy to spend time creating it because it could help potentially millions of people.

Is it just for open source?

On this website I make no distinction between Free Software and Open Source Software, they have differences but none that matter here.

You can probably use it for websites too, though so far there aren't a lot of "website" strings in the database.

If you want to use it for proprietary software - you'll have to figure out on your own the legal issues associated with that.

Can you add a feature to OSTD?

I'm always happy to hear good ideas, and I might even find time to implement them. Please by all means contact me and tell me what you think.