Finally, found hardware

Finally I found a tablet PC to use in my study. After a lot of searching, and checking out many of those listed on Craig’s List I got an HP/Compaq TC1100. It’s amazing how many people want real money for real junk.

It’s a relatively old machine, with a 1GHz PentiumM, a half a gig of ram and a 40GB drive, but a nice 12” screen and a very well working stylus. The seller claimed it was practicaly unused which I didn’t believe at first, but now I do – there’s hardly more than one or two scratches on it, and no damage of any other kind. That’s a big deal, you’d know why if you ever tried to buy a used laptop.

I thought it looked familiar, and yes indeed: Prof Plimmer whom I keep mentioning used the same at least once:

When assembled as a laptop it looks a little strange, but there’s a reason for that – the screen not only flips like most tablets, but detaches completely from the keyboard, made my girlfriend say it’s like an iPad. I’ll leave that comparison for another day.

And it came with a nice carrying case:

Interestingly even together with the case it’s smaller than both my HP g60 and my work laptop 🙂

I tried to upgrade the memory in it, and even after finding the slot (it was doubly hidden) I found that the 1G stick I have is too tall, won’t fit in. And the spare 100GB drive I had lying around turned out to be a SATA drive. So I guess I’ll keep my own monster, only use this one for the stufy, and then sell it. That would be too bad, it’s a really nice machine. I’m even willing to believe that the seller paid over 2000$ for it new.