Bug 2 - Asunder release tracking
Summary: Asunder release tracking
Alias: None
Product: Asunder
Classification: Unclassified
Component: All (show other bugs)
Version: 2.7
Hardware: PC Linux
: enhancement
Assignee: Andrew Smith
URL: http://littlesvr.ca/asunder/downloads...
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Reported: 2014-10-19 09:47 EDT by Andrew Smith
Modified: 2022-01-04 12:57 EST (History)
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Description Andrew Smith 2014-10-19 09:47:40 EDT
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Comment 1 Andrew Smith 2014-11-24 00:08:10 EST
Asunder 2.6 has been released, changelog:

- Added 64 translations generated by the OSTD ( http://littlesvr.ca/ostd ): Afrikaans, Amharic, Aragonese, Assamese, Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Bengali, Breton, Welsh, Dzongkha, Persian, Fulah, Faroese, Western, Irish, Gujarati, Hindi, Haitian, Armenian, Interlingua, Indonesian, Icelandic, Georgian, Kazakh, Centra, Korean, Kurdish, Kirghiz, Latin, Luxembourgish, Ganda, Lithuanian, Malagasy, Macedonian, Malayalam, Mongolian, Marathi, Malay, Burmese, Nepali, Occitan, Oriya, Panjabi, Pushto, Romanian, Kinyarwanda, Sinhala, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkmen, Tagalog, Tatar, Uighur, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Uzbek (Cyrillic), Vietnamese, Walloon, Wolof, Xhosa, Yiddish, and Zulu
- Updated Simplified Chinese, Czeck, Italian, and Norwegean translations.
Comment 2 Andrew Smith 2015-02-10 17:53:30 EST
Asunder 2.7 has been released, changelog:

- Added an option (enabled by default) to rip much faster.
Comment 3 Andrew Smith 2015-10-03 00:17:22 EDT
Asunder 2.8 has been released, changelog:

- Updates to Sweedish, Norwegian, Russian, and Danish translations.
- Fixed a couple of (unlikely) memory corruption bugs and some minor memory leaks.
Comment 4 Andrew Smith 2017-05-08 23:07:16 EDT
Asunder 2.9 has been released, changelog:

The following fixes were contributed by Gregory Margo:
- Work around cdparanoia's filename length limits
- Fixed bug where multiple CDDB entries would only show once
- Improved the refresh/lookup system to work much better with more complicated CDs
- Fixed FLAC progress scanner. Both to make the percentage more reliable and to prevent a possible crash
- Added feature to select/deselect all tracks by clicking on rip checkbox header
- Fixed autocomplete file loading
- Fixed several potential buffer overflow bugs
- Fixed some minor memory leaks
- Fixed race condition during abort
- Improved completion percentage feedback
- Added feature to make the artist and title columns resizable
The following fixes were contributed by Andreas Ronnquist:
- Moved the config file to ~/.config/asunder without breaking old configs
- Moved the autocomplete files to ~/.cache/asunder without breaking old caches
The following fix was contributed by Pierre Lestringant (whz):
- Fixed musepack and aac playlist generation
The following fix was contributed by Matthew (mw):
- Add the ALBUMARTIST tag to flac files when "Single artist" is not checked.
The following fix was contributed by Antony Gelberg:
- Fixed when the CD is ejected to avoid problems before a full rip/encode cycle is completed.
Comment 5 Andrew Smith 2017-11-19 16:48:44 EST
Asunder 2.9.2 has been released, changelog:

- Updates Swedish translation.
The following fixes were contributed by Gregory Margo:
- Fixed the wavpack and mpc encoders to include APEv2 metadata.
- Remove 'single genre' code that's been unused since 2010.
- Added features to automatically fix some common mistakes in CDDB entries.
The following fix was contributed by Andreas Ronnquist:
- Fixed a bug where the config file couldn't be created because its parent directory could not be created because it existed already and was a regular file.
Comment 6 Andrew Smith 2019-08-29 01:33:17 EDT
Asunder 2.9.4 has been releases, changelog:

- Updated Finnish and Swedish translations.
- Added support for joining artist and title in title field (thanks to Tom Bailey).
Comment 7 Andrew Smith 2019-10-21 08:16:20 EDT
Asunder 2.9.5 has been released. Changelog:

- Updated Catalan and Spanish translations.
The following was contributed by Felix Braun:
- Updated Opus support to have a smooth progress bar.
Comment 8 Andrew Smith 2020-05-28 16:03:55 EDT
Asunder 2.9.6 has been released, changelog:

- Changed the default CDDB server to gnudb.gnudb.org
- Asunder can now be more easily Flatpak-ed. Tanks to Kevin "Eonfge" Degeling for the help.
- Updated eo, it, pt, pt_BR, sq, and zh_CN translations.
- Updated config.guess and config.sub with the current latest to support (among other things) aarch64.
Comment 9 Andrew Smith 2020-10-12 22:43:01 EDT
Asunder 2.9.7 has been released, changelog:

- Updated italian and french translations.
- Fixed the CDDB tooltip to say gnudb instead.

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