Disable PC Speaker in Linux

Posted by: Andrew Smith
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Software: Linux 2.6

Slackware 11.0 came out and all hell broke loose, the PC speaker is now enabled by default :)

These instructions are not Slackware-specific, should work with any linux kernel 2.6

I never had any idea how many applications will beep at you and drive you nutz. It's loud, and there's no volume control for it :(

It's actually pretty easy to disable this nasty beep, all you have to do is remove the module that the kernel uses to send signals to the PC speaker, like this (you have to be root):
rmmod pcspkr
To make sure it stays disabled after you reboot, add this command to your startup scripts. On Slackware use /etc/rc.d/rc.local On other linuxes I don't know where the boot scripts are, but any one of them after runlevel 3 will do.