Justin Dolske's APNG Editor

NOTE: this review is of an old beta. Please see Mozilla Labs for a better description of the program and search addons.mozilla.org to find a more recent version.

This APNG editor is a fully functional, easy to use, cross platform program for making animated PNGs. It is currently still a beta, but it does produce valid APNG files.

APNG Editor is a Firefox extension. APNG support will only ship with Firefox 3, for now you have to download the alpha version of Firefox.


These are the features that are working in the beta version of the editor:


A beta version of APNG Editor (version 0.9) is available from here.


If you already have Firefox Alpha 5 or later, just click on the download link above, choose to open it with the Firefox Alpha if it doesn't by default, and in the window that comes up click 'Install Now'.

If you don't have Alpha 5, here's how to install it:
Note that Firefox Alpha is a development release and may corrupt your profile. I recommend that you create a new profile to keep your data safe while enjoying the new features of Firefox.



If you have something nice to say about the editor, contact Justin. If you want to complain about anything, please contact Andrew.